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Delta Robot Series

SYNCRO 300 is the cutting-edge Delta robot and outcome of the engineering expertise of Dierre Robotics. The characteristic tetrahedral design enables smooth movements into the exact coordinates, which means it can be used in very high performance applications where movement precision and mechanical stability are a MUST.The robot boasts generous drive axes with ball bearings and driving arms made of incredibly high efficiency carbon fibre. The robot is managed by the CoordinAx motion system by Dierre Robotics, which is unbeatable in terms of user-friendly programming and operational precision.


Work area:
Square area (Z-Axes = origin): 300 x 300
Ellipsoidal area (Z-Axes = variable) > 400 x 400
Type of movement – point to point – interpolated
Z Axes movement From: 200 mm to + 85 mm
Dimensions – Weight:
Square Footprint Machine: 1100 x 1100 mm
Height: 465 mm – 750 mm
Weight: 28Kg
Proprietary digital with easy to use 7” touch screen – Multi I/O – Remote controllable
Capacity and maximum performance:
3kg @ 100% performance 5Kg @ 70% performance (acceleration > 3000 mm/s2)
Repeatability & Resolution:
± 0,1 @ 20° (± 0,03 optional)

Accessory options:

Theta 4th axis of movement
Implementation up to 8 servo-controlled axes
External frame and perimeter guard