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CoordinAx is the platform for industrial Robots by Dierre Robotics; the technological solution resulting from research and collaboration with top Companies of the sector makes it a system capable of offering total process and drive control. A mutual base for several applications, from the simplest of a mono-axis configuration to the most complex Scara or Delta configurations.  It can be used for up to 8 axes simultaneously and the solution comprises hardware architecture that can be sized on a case-to-case basis, without waste and with a user-friendly operator interface. CoordinAx has all the tools needed to apply uniform motion and effective logics for your engineered systems, which will be easy to program and will ensure an excellent cost/result ratio, which is usually a rather delicate balance to obtain.


Motion controller and Servomotor specifications
Power supply: 24 VDc 1A
Touch Screen Display: Resistive 7” Colour 800 x 480
Platform: Linux
Programming: Target oriented logic, vectorial G-Code
Fieldbuses and interfaces: CanOpen – Modbus – Remote VNC Ethernet – USB – Optical – 232/485 Servomotors: Stepper
3-phase with stepless technology from 0.9 to 20 Nm 24-48V
Drives: Closed loop feedback step and direction control