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Desktop Robot DRD 300-400-500

The Cartesian robots DRD 300, 400 and 500 are complemented by a range of dedicated accessories and can be customized according to production requirements, and their programming is extremely simple despite the ability to manage even very complex cycles.


Work area:
DRD 300: X 300 mm, Y 300 mm, Z 145 mm
DRD 400: X 400 mm, Y 400 mm, Z 145 mm
DRD 500: X 500 mm, Y 500 mm, Z 145 mm
Dimensions – Weight:
DRD 300: W 597 x D 717 x H 926 mm – D 35 Kg
DRD 400: W 697 x D 817 x H 926 mm – D 40 Kg
DRD 500: W 797 x D 917 x H 926 mm – D 45 Kg
Cartesian axis geometry:
3 axes with ball screw actuators (4th axis optional)
Automatic position teach-in
Text coordinate input
Vector file import
Logical sequences
Linear and circular
Proprietor digital controller with available I/Os – bus
PTP Max. interpolation speed:
Maggiore di 600 mm/sec X-Y
Load capacity of Z-axis head (Theta axis of rotation):
5 Kg – (3 Kg)
Repeatability & Resolution:
± 0,05 X-Y @ 20° C

Accessory options

Theta 4th axis of movement
Brake on axis Z movement
Work base
Perimeter protection
mechanics: single and double access
optic barrier: single and double access
Theta axis Kit (all models)
Epicyclic reduction units with direct transmission on the lower flange.
Rotation capacity:
default with 330 degrees rotation, or continuous rotation (to be preset at the factory).