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The GANTRY ROBOT series reflects the total and multi group experience tied at Dierre Robotics.  The ergonomic design, robust and consolidated, put it into the better high performance machines market. The exact movements, the quickly positioning and the precision factor supported by CoordinAx movement system, matched with a rigid geometry allow most applications in various sector. The robot design, available in two sizes and two different types integrates a full-in solution for your automation. Gantry is available with only robot unit or complete machine due to the need of preferences.


Work area:
Work Area mm: X=600 (x=600) – Y=600 (y=1200) – Z=300
Type of movement: point to point – interpolated – import DXF – G-code
Axes Type: High Density BELT (X-Y), recirculation-ball Screw (Z)
Dimensions – Weight:
Square Footprint Machine mm: 1290 x 1360 (1290 x 1990)
Height mm: 1698 + 150
Weight Kg: 235 (288)
Proprietary digital with easy to use 7” touch screen – Multi I/O – Remote controllable
Capacity and maximum performance:
10kg @ 100% performance 15Kg @ 60% performance (acceleration > 3000 mm/s2)
Speed: > 1000 mm/s @ 10000 mm/s2 acceleration
Repeatability & Resolution:
± 0,1 @ 20° – No maintenance

Accessory options:

Theta 4th axis of movement
Implementation up to 8 servo-controlled axes
External frame and perimeter guard